Tuesday, October 18, 2011


2011 Start of the construction season!

Basement floor re-finish:  I had been grinding down the concrete floor in the basement to remove the paint so I could pour some self leveler.  One project leads to the other, and no sense in painting the wall when the moisture is just going to pop the paint off.  I proceeded to waterproof that particular wall.  Every two years or so I dig up one side of the house and waterproof, now was a good time.   

Instead of doing the traditional gravel on top of a drain pipe, I found this awesome system, basically a sock wrapped around a perforated drain pipe filled with Styrofoam peanuts instead of gravel.  Backfilled and ran some new drain pipe for those leaders...  I also got my underground electric service put in place, both for aesthetic and safety reasons for when it's time to put scaffolding up on that side.

Some siding in production, on the drying rack.

Windows - I've been replacing the sills and caps, anything that sticks out horizontally with Azek, milled to match the original.  I soldered up a copper pan and slipped it under the window for extra waterproofing and lapped the copper roof flashing.  For the sills I had to make a lamination with 2 pieces to make a 1-3/4" piece of stock.

New Stair Hall Window:   Cut in a new window to get some light into the stairway.

Fall 2011 - 

 Copper Downspouts:  I found this great gutter system called Euro-Copper that is seamless and doesn't have the ugly folds to bend the pipe, all the elbows are smooth. 

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